Tips to help couples strike a work-life balance

Tips to help couples strike a work-life balance

As work from home becomes the new norm due to the pandemic it has led to many couples struggling to strike a work-life balance. Rather than fighting this change, accepting it and finding ways to adapt can help. Dr Kedar Tilwe psychiatrist Fortis Mulund & Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, suggests some tips for couples to navigate the new normal.

Embracing lifestyle modifications in the ‘new normal’ has become a vital part to surviving the uncertainty around us. To live a quality and stress-free life, couplesĀ  need to strike a work-life balance. Here are some effective ways that can help.

  • Improvisation can help you strike a work-life balance

Improvisation is key when dealing with a restricted environment. Jogging up and down the stairs instead of the jogging track, and exercising at home instead of the gym are some examples of how you can bypass these hurdles. Using social media to connect will also help instead of in-person meetings.

  • Divide chores for better organisation

In the absence of help, division of labour or chores in the house is important. Ensure that every member contributes to at least one activity, so that they don’t feel left out. A good idea is to let each person do their preferred chore.

  • Have a fixed routine but also be open to flexi timings

Adhering to a fixed schedule is important. But if you can use the time saved in traveling, then things will become easy. Make breakfast early and a formal family meal to help adhere to the time table. Have a fixed routine but also mix things up at times. Having flexi timings for different activities can help you and your family relax.

  • Demarcate spaces

If possible, demarcate spaces for work and food separately. Try and make your space resemble your office desk as much as possible. Use sound cancelling headphones to filter out unnecessary noise.

  • Make time for ‘me time’

Set aside ‘me time’ for yourself. ‘We time’ for you and your partner. And ‘ Us time’ for your family to share and enjoy together.