Surviving quarantine

Surviving quarantine together as a couple

COVID-19 has led to couples spending a lot of time at home as they self-isolate and work from home. Surviving quarantine together as a couple is not easy, especially with many unresolved issues coming to the fore. As many relationships are falling apart, psychiatrist Parul Tank shares her guide to surviving quarantine together as a couple.

If communication is an issue, surviving quarantine can be tough

If both partners are not on the same page, it makes sense to avoid trying to resolve major problems for the moment. Instead, focus on minor ones, and try and get them out of the way. Putting the focus on major issues will only end up in stress and fights, making surviving quarantine as a couple difficult.

Try to minimise daily stress

Start with dividing chores, and lay out exactly what needs to be done and how. Ensure that the task assigned to each partner is manageable, especially if this is a new area that they are not comfortable with.

Stop blaming each other for everything that goes wrong

There is a tendency among some couples or a partner to nitpick about everything. When you are in lockdown, and already stressed out, this can only worsen the situation, leading to more fights. Hence, one needs to be conscious about blaming one another for every little thing.

Don’t dig up the past, focus on surviving quarantine for now

Any emotional baggage and unresolved issues will have to be kept on the backburner for a while. Bringing up past issues will not help at this point. This is primarily because you may not have access to professional help in the event things go south.

Be patient with each other

While it’s natural to lash out at times. Try and be patient with one another.

Look for outlets to manage stress

Step out for a walk on your terrace to put some physical distance between you and your partner, and to give each other some breathing space. Not taking appropriate steps to minimise the tension in the relationship can lead to aggression and violence in some cases.