couples therapy for better communication

Opt for couples therapy for better communication

Good communication is vital in a healthy relationship. Hence, it makes sense to opt for couples therapy for better communication.  It provides for emotional security where both partners feel like they are being heard and their concerns matter.  It also gives couples a feeling of validation and becomes the foundation on which a strong relationship can be built.

Sometimes, communication breaks down in a relationship due to complacency. Also, one or both partners may be occupied with day-to-day activities. In other cases, they may have not made an attempt to communicate better with each other. Counselling psychologist Ishita Pateria  tells you how a mental health expert can help address communication issues in couples therapy.

Opt for couples therapy for better communication

A mental health professional helps you understand the importance of communication. He or she will also help you figure how long you have been facing a communication breakdown. The expert will also try to examine what really went wrong. The therapist helps explore the deeper issues which caused the disconnect between the couple. Due to this disconnect, often  a partner does not feel comfortable sharing as they are afraid of being judged.

Understanding the process of working together

Through therapy, a mental health expert sets goals to be achieved. Each week, couples are given activities to focus on certain parts of their relationship. They have to follow certain rules, which facilitates control and similar grounding in the relationship.

Other tips are also given according to their schedule, and use of social media. Each partner has to think about their needs and requirements. These are addressed in the sessions to see what is achievable and how.  The therapist then recommends techniques, which can help couples bond and rebuild their relationship.

Why you should seek help to fix communication issues

Some couples may find it difficult to verbalise or express their feelings and emotions. This can also lead to a breakdown in communication. A therapist can address these issues in couples therapy using the following techniques.

  • Providing a safe space for couples to open up

A therapist starts with making both partners feel comfortable. This way they can open up about what’s bothering them. He or she creates a space in couples therapy where they encourage both partners to acknowledge each other’s feelings and emotions in an open, non-judgemental way. The idea is to be supportive and not overly critical of your partner. This creates a safe space where both are able to confide in each other.

  • Encouraging each other to listen to one another

One of the issues that most couples face is that they may hear each other out but are not actively listening to their partner. In couples therapy, the therapist encourages both partners to actively engage with each other. To listen to what each other has to say and to respond accordingly.

  • Avoiding harsh negative words

Couples are encouraged not to to use negative words that could hurt their partner. They are also encouraged to be mindful about each other’s feelings. The focus is on taking onus for your actions and expressing how you feel about a situation or your partner’s reaction to it without trying to pin the blame on them.

Committing to make it work

Couples therapy is about both partners working together and trying to resolve the communication issues. It not only provides a safe environment to work through your problems but also gives you a chance to bond again over therapy and couple activities.