Healing from a break-up

Moving on and healing from a break-up

Break-ups can take a toll on the physical and emotional well-being of an individual. The pain and loss of a relationship that has failed is immense. Healing from a break-up while difficult is possible as long as the individual learns to accept what has happened. Deekshaa Athwani, a clinical psychologist shares a few tips on focusing on recovering from heartbreak.

Moving on and healing from a break-up

The first step to moving on is to allow yourself to feel and accept the pain and loss. Often, we are in denial about this stage as we want to hold on to the past. Grieving the loss of a relationship is an essential part of moving on. Here’s how to go about it.

  • Accept the situation

To heal from a break-up, it is first important to address that the relationship was not working for you. Even if it was not your idea to break-up, it is not good to be with someone who can not commit to you.

  • Address your feelings

Face the feeling of loss. You may feel sad, angry, fear, or shame; these feelings will come in waves but they will gradually decrease.

  • Stick to your decision

You may have doubts about your decision. Keep reminding yourself why the relationship is not good for you. You can call a family member or friend to support you.

  • Give yourself time

There is no quick fix for a break-up. It will take time depending on how long your relationship lasted. Focus on behaviour that comforts you. Practice good self-care.

  • Build self-confidence

Break-ups can be hard, but by the end of all the grief you will realise that the feeling was awful but you overcame the emotional discomfort. Also, remember that no matter how intense the emotional pain is, it does not last forever.