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How to navigate pay cuts, job cuts as a couple

Pay cuts and job cuts have become a norm rather than an exception in COVID-19 times.  Take the case of 26-year-old, Meenakshi Rao, (name changed), who recently got the pink slip. She says, “I am still coming to terms with being unemployed in the middle of a pandemic. My husband has also had to take a massive pay cut. So, the first thing we did was to re-examine our finances, and to cut down on our expenses.” Clinical psychologist Seema Hingorani believes this move can help couples tide over this financial and emotional crisis. Here’s her guide to surviving the financial crisis as a team.

Five ways to navigate pay cuts, job cuts as a couple

Be supportive of your partner, who is dealing with pay cuts, job cuts

This is a hard time for your partner. So, the best thing that you can do for them is to be supportive in your thoughts, words and actions. If your partner needs some time alone, accept that and let them be.

Let them experience their emotions

Many are likely to break down. Some might even have a meltdown. Let your partner feel the emotions he or she is experiencing. It’s part of the healing process.

Don’t let them play victim

Some people can play victim, blaming themselves for things shaping up the way they did. It’s important to be a voice of reason at this time. Underline that it’s not them but the circumstances that are responsible for the present outcome.

Reassure your partner

Let your partner know that you are there for them. Also, no matter what the situation, you’ll figure a solution together. Don’t treat your partner differently, and be mindful and sensitive.

Encourage your partner to seek help if he or she needs it

If you observe that your partner is not talking a lot. Or if he or she is slipping into depression or has bouts of rage or is taking to substance abuse to cope with his or her emotions. Seek professional help.