headed for a break-up

Are you headed for a break-up?

More often than not people are aware when a relationship is in trouble. Verbal cues are one way of figuring what’s going on. Examining your feelings is another way of determining if you are headed for a break-up. Deekshaa Athwani, a clinical psychologist tells you more.

Signs that indicate you are headed for a break-up

There are some obvious signs that indicate the relationship is in troubled waters. These include a constant feeling of anxiousness and apprehension about your future together, among others. In fact, examining your feelings can actually tell you a lot about your relationship. Here are a few indicators that can determine the trajectory of your relationship.

You don’t feel like yourself or feel comfortable being yourself in front of your partner.

A constant feeling of anxiousness makes you worry about your partner’s perception of you. Hence, you find it difficult to trust him or her.

There’s an awareness that you are having difficulties communicating simple messages.

You don’t talk about the future anymore.

You hesitate to introduce your partner to your family or colleagues, and often end up snapping or getting annoyed with him or her.

Every conversation leads to a fight, and your partner constantly finds reasons to stay away from you, spending excessive time with friends, cancelling out on dates.

You feel you are losing yourself in the relationship, and can sense distance even being with each other.

 If you have experienced any or all of these feelings, it’s actually a sign it’s time to move on, and make a fresh start.