improve work productivity

Try this technique to improve work productivity

As more and more people are working from home. They are trying to figure how to improve work productivity and efficiency. Counselling psychologist Ishita Pateria recommends the Pomodoro technique to address this concern.

Improve work productivity by taking breaks

While many people see working hours on end as a sign of productivity. Ishita believes that doing this actually hampers work efficiency. Instead, she recommends people try the Pomodoro technique. It involves working in 25 minute slots over four slots, taking two to three minute breaks at the end of each slot. She says, “Doing this can help you focus and concentrate fully on a task for the 25 minute duration. Also, if you find yourself distracted during the 25 minute session, remind yourself that you will have a two to three minute break at the end of the session.” At the end of four slots, you can take a 15 minute break, and start work again following the same technique. It gives you time to relax, so that when you get back to work, you can fully concentrate on the task you are engaged with.

Make the Pomodoro technique work for you

Depending on your needs/requirements, you can modify the time slot from 25 minutes to 30 or 40 minutes over four slots. Make sure to take a break of five or seven minutes at the end of each 30 to 40 minute slot, and a 15 minute break after the four slots are up. Ishita adds, “The Pomodoro technique factors in the fact that our brain can only concentrate on a task for X amount of time. We have to train it to focus/concentrate further. That’s also the reason why classes/periods in schools and colleges last for only a fixed amount of time.”

The Pomodoro technique helps you improve work productivity and efficiency. It can also be used to help children while studying and even while you work from home.