Mindfulness technique

Try this mindfulness technique to improve your mind body connection

As more and more people work from home, they are increasingly experiencing work from home stress.  Lack of focus is a problem area for both adults and kids. The latter is finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate because of all the uncertainty  and the new normal that’s different from what they were used to. For those struggling to focus or concentrate, here’s an effective solution. Try this mindfulness technique called body scan that can help you engage your mind and body. Psychologist Kanika Shah of Nimai Healthcare demonstrates this exercise.

This mindfulness technique engages your mind and body

Mindfulness focuses on training our minds to engage fully with the present moment in a non-judgemental manner. The body scan meditation exercise helps us be more mindful of our bodies and improve the mind body connection.

To begin this exercise, lie down or seat yourself comfortably. Begin to breathe deeply and continue to do that throughout; close your eyes if comfortable. Now gently bring your attention to your feet. Notice the sensations there.  Ask yourself, ‘What am I feeling here?’ Notice the touch, pressure, aches and pains. Slowly move your attention upward, from the legs to the abdomen, chest, shoulders, neck and head. Pause at each part and pay attention to it. If your attention gets diverted,  bring it back gently to the body part you were focusing on. You can spend as much time as you would like on each part. This exercise can be of varying lengths.

Benefits of this exercise

This exercise has been found to help reduce stress and anxiety and better manage bodily pain, by improving awareness of where tension is held in the body. Its practice is useful in cultivating your ability to do this exercise and in building skills of mindfulness.