Mind exercise to beat anxiety

Beat anxiety with this mind exercise

Due to the pandemic many are battling anxiety.  Often, when one experiences anxiety, it’s followed by negative thoughts and emotions. We feel like we are not in control of the situation. We feel like we are experiencing different physical reactions. These include sweaty palms, a racing heart, sensations in the stomach and chest, headaches and dizziness. Try this technique to beat anxiety.

A mind exercise to cope with anxiety

When faced with anxiety, we often tend to look within to calm ourselves. In some cases, we also try to use grounding or stabilisation techniques to beat it. However, if all of that fails, one has to look at distancing themselves from the disturbing thoughts and emotions. Dr Sushma Mehrotra, Ph.D consulting clinical psychologist tells you how to beat anxiety with this mind exercise.

Sitting in a moving train exercise

Picture yourself sitting inside a train that is not moving. You use all your five senses during this exercise. You observe all the activity at the railway station as you wait for passengers to board the train. People are in a hurry to catch the train, searching for their compartments. Running around with kids and their belongings. There’s a lot of activity at the station. Vendors are selling newspapers, magazines and books to read. You can smell the aroma of piping hot tea and snacks. You can feel the humidity in the air or the air conditioning if that is on.
As you make these observations, you realise that your train is leaving the station. And all the activity becomes a blur. You can see buildings and villages pass you by. The next station approaches, and a new set of passengers get in, while the others alight. With each passing station, you feel like you are leaving behind some negative thoughts, memories and emotions.

How this mind exercise can help you beat anxiety

By the time you reach your final destination, you feel more in control of the situation. You realise you are in the driving seat of this train of thoughts, emotions and memories. There are challenges before you. However, you are better equipped to handle them as you have picked up resources on this imaginary journey that has helped you take control of the situation.