A happy place exercise to calm your mind and body

There are times, when you can’t help but feel stressed out. You mind is restless, and it’s difficult for you to focus on anything that’s positive. Psychiatrist Parul Tank recommends this visual imagery exercise that can calm your mind and body. She says, “This exercise is adapted by Katy Murray. It’s from the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) protocols by Francine Shapiro.”

This exercise can calm your mind and body

Both adults and kids can try this visual imagery exercise. It involves visiting a place that you associate happy memories with. This could be a garden, a beach or even a holiday destination. Imagine yourself going there, and experience the place with all your five senses. If you are picturing a beach as a safe/calm/happy place, picture the blue sky and waters in front of you. Listen to the birds chirping and the sound of waves. Smell the sea, and let this experience stay with you for a few seconds. It will help your mind and body feel extremely relaxed.

Try this for a few seconds before you open your eyes, and you are back in your home. This a nice exercise to do when you are getting worked up, don’t know what to think about or simply want to focus on something that makes you happy and puts you in a positive frame of mind. You can also give this place a cue word. For example, if you are thinking of the beach you can associate it with the word sunny.