mental health of kids

A guide to help maintain the mental health of kids

The changes and uncertainty that this year has brought with it have had an impact on all of us, irrespective of the age group, in terms of physical, emotional and mental well-being. The focus of this video is on what can be done to help maintain the mental health of kids. Children have had to deal with changes in routine including school being from home, limited opportunities for play and socialising among several others. So as parents, or caregivers it’s vital for you to know what you can do to help. Psychologist Kanika Shah of Nimai Healthcare lists a few tips in this video.

How you can help maintain the mental health of kids

Parents have a vital role to play in ensuring the mental well-being of their child. This can only be done by engaging with them, by openly addressing their fears and anxieties and supporting them emotionally. Here’s how you can go about it.

  • Establishing a routine- building consistency, familiarity

Keeping flexibility to allow for some shifts based on what’s happening on a particular day, etc.

  • Balancing limited news intake and screen time

It’s important for your child to have a  hobby and leisure activities that they can indulge in. This allows for creative play outlets for energy or restlessness that might build up from being inactive.

  • Encourage kids to take part in chores at home

Give kids a chance to do the chores at home. It inculcates a feeling of belonging and accomplishment.

  • Ensure they are able to connect with loved ones

Use virtual technology to help your kids stay connected with loved ones.

  • Be open to discussing issues and addressing queries your kids may have

Discussing issues, answering questions depending on their age and understanding also helps clarify any doubts they may have about the current situation. This provides them with a sense of emotional security.

  • Be supportive as your kids could also be struggling emotionally

Let your kids know they’re not alone in struggling with emotions like fear and anger in these times. Talk and listen to them. Feelings of safety and belonging can  have a great positive impact on their well-being.

  • Parents should prioritise self-care

Since children pick up on our stress and anxieties parents need to prioritise self-care.

  • Get professional help if needed

If needed, seek out professionals to help both you and your child cope with the current circumstances.