3 Steps to a POSITIVE YOU

stay positive, positive you

Staying positive is a conscious move, and a work-in-progress. It’s about acknowledging what you are feeling, and gaining clarity to help you be in the moment.

Once you make peace with your situation (no matter how bleak it seems) it helps you open doors to new opportunities. 

Stay connected with your emotions

It’s okay to be sad and negative, and to feel what you are feeling. We often  reject our feelings and emotions, and end up rejecting a part of ourselves.

Accepting and acknowledging what you are feeling, the situation you are in, opens up new doors of possibilities.This in turn leads to a bridge between our existing situation and its positive outlook. Here’s a three step guide recommended by Aruna Joshi, author of The HappinessManual – 21 ways to stay happy no matter what. 

Your three step guide to a POSITIVE YOU

  • Accept and acknowledge your feelings, situations as is without any filters

Doing this induces peace and harmony in your life as you are acknowledging your feelings and emotions, and not brushing them under the carpet.

  • Pause, reflect, and gain clarity

Our basic nature is peace, which gets polluted by our response to the challenges in life. Once we have clarity, it is easier to move in a positive direction

  • Believe in the mantra, ‘This too shall pass’

It works in any given situation. Nothing in this universe is permanent except change. If you are in a negative situation, it’s bound to change into a positive one.

Hence, the key to a POSITIVE YOU is to make peace with who you are, the situation you are in and the feelings and emotions you are experiencing. Once you gain clarity, and realise that this is a temporary situation that will pass.