Escapism is a useful tool

Why escapism is a useful tool against stress

 People cope with stress and anxiety in different ways. Why some like to face it head-on, others try to take their time to figure a strategy that helps them deal with the triggers. Escapism or avoidance is a useful tool used by many to cope. Dr Parul Tank, consultant psychiatrist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund tells you more.

Escapism is a useful tool against stressful situations

It’s a temporary and useful strategy but leads to anticipatory anxiety, since you are always wondering if you will encounter the person or event. It may sometimes leads to more fear. Some people escape into an imaginary world to avoid anxiety. This can be useful as a form of visual imagery, but not appropriate if it takes you away from the real world. Others rely on entertainment. Distracting yourself by watching something on mobile or TV can be useful to abate anxiety.

However, it doesn’t address the issue, and can be a waste of time especially for students. These are useful strategies if done in moderation. Therapy, mindfulness and maybe medication are more permanent treatments for stress and anxiety management.