impact of indoor gardening on your mental health

The impact of indoor gardening on our mental health

Due to the pandemic most of us are spending a lot of time at home. This has also given us an opportunity to explore our hobbies and interests. Indoor gardening has also led to a positive impact on our mental health.  In this video, psychologist Kanika Shah of Nimai Healthcare lists the benefits of pursuing indoor gardening as a hobby.

Impact of indoor gardening on our mental health

One of the most important benefits of indoor gardening is it provides us with a connection with nature and the outdoors at a time when we physically cannot step out as much. This in turn can also uplift our mood and spirits. Here’s looking at other such benefits.

  • Creates a sense of community

At a time when we are self-isolating and socially distancing, indoor gardening helps us help us find a sense of community and belonging. It gives people a chance to bond with others who have similar interests. It can help us inculcate beneficial traits like patience and compassion when we care for plants and give us a sense of accomplishment,

  • Helps us cultivate mindfulness

Being mindful can be a good distraction from anxious thoughts and  mood swings.

  • Provides us a sense of routine and security

At a time of uncertainty, having a hobby like indoor gardening provides a sense of routine and consistency, which is beneficial to our mental health.

  • Calms and soothes your mind

Lastly, having greenery around us can act as a natural  purifier, providing a welcoming environment in our homes. It’s also known to have a soothing and calming effect on our physical and mental health.  In fact, certain therapies involve tending to plants as an activity.

Overall, indoor gardening not only acts as a healthy distraction for our minds. It also helps to calm it and gives us a sense of purpose and accomplishment.