parental anxiety

Parental anxiety: Tips that can help you cope better

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to increasing parental anxiety. The spread of the virus has thrown a spanner in the works especially when it comes to the academic plans of many families. This year is being looked at as a drop year. As a result parents, children and adolescents are apprehensive about their future.

Weighing in on the best way forward

As all concerned stakeholders make their peace with the growing uncertainty, one thing that’s clear is that it’s better to adopt a wait-and-watch policy here. Psychiatrist Parul Tank tells you why, and suggests ways for parents to cope better with increasing anxiety and stress.

Tips to ease parental anxiety

Parul shares, “While children and adolescents are anxious about the uncertainty surrounding their academic future, their parents are equally stressed out and worried about what the future holds. My advice to them is to stop looking for solutions at this point, and to simply wait it out for more clarity.” She also cautions parents against passing on their anxiety to their children, and suggests ways in which they can cope better.

Reassure yourself that you are not alone here

It’s important to allay your own fears before you try to calm your children down. Seek support from other parents who are also in similar situations. Talking with each other can help you cope better, and also give you a much needed perspective.

Make informed decisions

Avoid falling for rumours or indulging in them. Instead, let your decisions be based on the facts at hand.

Explore online courses, language or hobby classes your kids can engage with

Instead of indulging all the time in binge-watching shows online, enroll your child in an online / hobby class where they will be able to use their time productively. Let them learn something new, and pick up important life skills along the way.

Try mindful exercises available online

If you notice that you or your child is overly anxious, take some time out to practice yoga, meditation, etc. You can also try a mindful exercise that can help you and your child cope with anxiety better.