54321 Grounding method

Know more about the 54321 Grounding method

Mindful exercises like the 54321 Grounding method can help distract our mind from constant stressors. Deekshaa Athwani, clinical psychologist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, tells you more about it.

The 54321 Grounding method helps you be more calm

This is a sensory awareness mindfulness exercise. It utilises our senses to help distract our mind. The technique involves the observation of different aspects of the environment. This technique is meant to take you away from your thoughts, and bring your awareness to the present moment.

How you can implement it

Use all your senses to escape stressors and distractions, and focus on the present moment. Five things you can SEE. Four things you can FEEL. Three things you can HEAR. Two things you can SMELL and one thing you can TASTE.

Benefits of this method

The main benefit of this technique is that it allows your mind to pull your energy back to the ground. This helps you calm your mind and relieves stress. This method of grounding yourself to the present moment also helps ease your anxiety quickly. You can use this technique when you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts, or at times when you feel you are unable to connect with what is going on around you.