separation anxiety

How to deal with new mom separation anxiety

New moms often battle separation anxiety on returning to work. Working mothers often struggle to strike a balance between their work and personal life. This also leads to a lot of guilt at times, causing distress.

Understanding new mum separation anxiety

Becoming a mother comes with its own cherished moments and stress. It also comes with all new responsibilities and roles. There are several things to do, like taking care of the child, looking after the household chores, and also if you are working, getting back to work. This poses its own set of challenges apart from stressing over child care, new mothers also grapple with separation anxiety. Hirak Patel, Counselling Psychologist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund lists ways to help you cope better with the situation.

Tips for new mothers looking to get back to work

It is both physically and mentally challenging to maintain the balance between home and work life. Hence, working mothers need to start with prioritising their own mental health and well-being. While every child, needs care and attention, new mothers also need the right support from their spouse and family. It’s vital they do not compromise on their mental well-being to accommodate the new responsibilities.

A guide to dealing with stress and anxiety as a new mother

Acceptance towards the situation, and understanding the reason behind your choices is important. Understand that there are several things because of which you are working, like it’s your passion, for financial stability, etc. You have to go easy on yourself even when you don’t want to, given all the pending tasks. Here’s how you can achieve this.

  • Don’t be too hard on yourself

There is no perfect parenting style that one can follow. Everyone learns gradually and with experience. Beating yourself up will only cause more distress. So, instead of thinking that I am a bad mom, bad employee, replace those thoughts with ‘I made a decision because’ and then move head.

  • Plan your day

Try and maintain a schedule, which helps you give time to both your work and at home with your child.

  • Avoid comparisons with other mothers

Avoid comparing yourself with other mothers. Prioritise your list, and move ahead. Try and avoid blaming yourself for everything that happens.

  • It’s okay to ask for help

Whenever required, ask for help and do not hesitate. Indulge in different activities, and also take care of your mental and physical health while going about your daily tasks. Don’t keep bottling up things, and speak up, when you need help, guidance and support.