Creativity can help you heal

How creativity can help you heal emotionally

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown has also given people a chance to express their creativity. Some have turned to baking, music and dance, while others are seeking comfort in rhyme and verse. Creativity has become a way for people to express their emotions, and also acts as a coping mechanism for many. Hence, it can also help you heal emotionally. Dr Kedar Tilwe, consultant psychiatrist at Fortis Hospital, Mulund and Vashi tells you how.

Creativity can help you heal emotionally

It can give people a more acceptable and less distressing outlet for their emotions. This gives them a sense of being in control over that situation or event. It  can help bring a sense of relief from anxiety and also serves as a great stressbuster. Here’s looking at its other benefits.

  • It acts like a bridge

Creativity gives people a way to vent what they are feeling productively.  Any act which is molded by creative imagination may allow a person to visualise and express their thoughts and feelings through that process.

  • Reduces the chance of indulging in negative behaviour

It harnesses the flow of your thoughts and emotions and channelises them through a medium, which you feel secure with. It enables you to enjoy the activity, and enhances your focus on the task at hand. Hence, it reduces the chance of indulging in negative thoughts and behaviour.

  • The piece of work becomes a way for the individual to communicate with others

The creative arts for a long time has been considered not only a way for the artist to express themselves, but also as an means of reaching out and conveying their messages to  people. Seeing the response of their audience can also allow a person to regain their self-esteem, and sense of validation and productivity.

  • Provides a break from a routine

In major mental illnesses and stress responses, ruminating thoughts and worries are a major hurdle that the person suffering needs to overcome. Creativity may help give some temporary relief from these, and provides a break from the routine. It also is an excellent way to rejuvenate, refresh your day, allowing you to get through mundane chores and helps in uplifting your spirits at the same time. Hence, creativity is not only an outlet for your feelings and emotions but is also a mechanism that can help you heal.