emergent resilience

Emergent resilience: Key to coping with stress

The ‘new normal’ has led to new norms, protocols, lifestyle changes, and reprioritising of goals. Due to which our coping mechanism was stretched to its limits. As we adapt to this, the best way forward is to develop emergent resilience. It can help you cope better with stress, climate change and the pandemic.

Know more about emergent resilience

Emergent Resilience is a positive adjustment to adverse conditions that develop over time. It helps you customise and adapt to any social group, situation and individual. Dr Kedar Tilwe, consultant Psychiatrist, Fortis Hospital Mulund and Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi tells you more. He shares, “We had minimal or no access to traditional support systems due to the pandemic. As we adapted to this, we started pushing ourselves to keep up with the needs of the day. In doing so, many disregarded some of the important aspects, which help strengthen our resilience. Especially self-care and reaching out for help to cope with tough times. A Minimal impact resilience style of using similar healthy coping mechanisms in all situations may help in the short term. However, newer challenges require improvising and learning novel methods to deal with the situation.”

Here’s how you can develop it…

The best way forward to surviving the current crisis is to have an evolving resilience strategy.

  • Actively build and remodel your coping skills to add life skills.
  • Have greater empathy towards situational stress.
  • Most importantly learn from it to develop a more suitable lifestyle and healthier coping mechanisms.
  • Find a way to live a more content and fruitful life.

Resilience the key to coping healthily with the ‘new normal’

As we come to terms with the pandemic and start resuming our lives, here’s what we need to do.  Improvise, acquire new skills, upgrade our knowledge base and actively cultivate a support network. This will give you a support system to reach out to in times of crisis. Minimal resilience is just a stop gap measure, developing emergent resilience is necessary to thrive and cope healthily with the ‘new normal’.