About Us

We do not give mental health as much importance as it needs to be.  We hope to change this with Why Mind Matters  a mental health blog. It’s often brushed under the carpet. Sometimes people hope that it will stay there, hoping that in time it will magically disappear. Most are barely prepared to address the elephant in the room – a stressed sometimes disturbed mind, who is crying out for help.

How does one heal a disturbed mind? Why is it the first step to healthy living? And how is it all related? These are just some of the questions, we attempt to answer on this mental health forum.

Our visionWhy Mind Matters will be able to break the  silence that still surrounds mental health. To create awareness about mental well-being and to remove the taboos associated with the topic.

Our purpose – To simplify the jargon associated with mental health. And to touch upon topics from everyday anxiety, stressors to more complex issues that seem unrelatable and too complex to explore.