Why Mind Matters is a mental health blog. It focuses on different aspects of mental well-being. These include stressors, trigger points, illnesses and more.  

It also attempts to give people an insight into how the mind works. What ails it?  Understanding trauma and therapy, and complex mental health issues. The forum will cover all of these topics and more with the help of professionals.

In time, we hope people will use Why Mind Matters to strike a conversation about mental well-being. When you are better informed, it helps you gain a perspective that can help you arrive at better decisions. 

A person’s mental health is an individual’s concern. However, proper guidance from an expert and the support of their immediate community can make a huge difference. 

Let this forum be your reference point to gain insight into the psyche without the complexities and the jargon. It’s about realising that the mind matters. One has to work towards a healthy mind and body, to realise the concept of healthy living.

Why mental health?

This is a topic that needs serious discussion. However, to get there, we also have to start creating awareness about things and situations that ail the mind. People are grappling with the loss of lives, livelihood, job cuts, financial troubles, and the trauma of living in a ‘new normal’ that is different from the one we were used to.

This has led  to an existential crisis. As a result, many are battling loneliness, anxiety, stress, depression and mental trauma. More than ever there is a need for a forum that not only aims to educate but also to simplify mental health topics.

Why Mind Matters is a step in that direction. It’s about creating awareness. We will be reaching out to mental health professionals for their expertise and valuable inputs to shed light on different topics related to mental well-being.